Here are some of the questions we often get.

What is the weather like in the mountains?

We are at almost 8,000 feet so our days are pleasant and the nights can get cold.

Our average summer temperatures range in the 70s to 80s in the daytime and drops into the 50s at night. Having appropriate layered clothing is important.

Please see our "Park Map" page for a live weather display.

How close are you to a grocery store?

We are located in town and are only 3 blocks from Ouray's grocery store. In addition to that, there are many resturants within walking distance from the campground.

Can you drive ATV's around town and to the trail heads?

No, Ouray does not allow ATV's to be drivenĀ on city streets. However there are seven ATV staging areasĀ provided for your convenience. A map with staging areas.